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Argumentative Essay: Abortion

This essay was exhibited as one of my assessments of the Academic and Media Literacy.  The unborn child on the mother’s womb will be the God’s gift for all the matured women. But when the contradiction of parents and partners or conflicts in the society due to labor reasons, abortion was came to its solution. With nothing but a sin for all kinds, it will shut down the woman’s life morally, psychologically, and spiritually. For me, I am against abortion because it terminates the defenseless child and it is a crime that should not be legalized. Immature women were always getting in trouble, simply because of disuse of their life. It all starts with a pre-marital sex which is common for teens through limitless curiosity. After that, unexpected pregnancy appears and everything is in ruined due to the effects of having a sin outside of marriage. The only answer to continue their lives and to avoid misfortunes from parents (who were disappointed in this result) was ABORTION, which is the wa…

A Birthday to The Greatest Girl I've Ever Met

NOTE: Probably Micah G. is my bet to win the USC; and miracles happen, she won. But this person ultimately surprised me only because I want to questioned her about the issues of the University and how they handle it (the actions done). Of course, history changed the presence in her college. So here we go: telling a story that stuck to my memory over and over again. (Just like Inside Out!)
March 2, 2015, the electoral debate. I have no classes after 4:00 PM when I watched this event organized by the Student Commission on Elections. I was also doing a technical paper about Electrostatics (more complicated in reference and sentences) when the COEd slate of both parties spoke in the debate. And later, the USC slate. Now, to get an attention from some of the people who watched the debate, I asked several people about the issues and of course, their answer to my curious mind about the issues mostly within the University premises.
After the debate, I want to speak to Ate Micah directly about h…

A Haiku About Fathers

A father's real care
No matter what will happens
Always suceeds us

A father's respect
Is too important to us
To know about it

A father's support
Hardships or motivation
Always on the roll

A father's real deed
To us is to earn a real
Sacrifice for us

A Haiku About Mothers

A mother with careAlways ready with more trust And guide forever

A mother with doubt Always surrounds with good deed Of a great advice
A mother's support
Encourages motivation To achieve a goal
A mother's patience
Beyond every sacrifice
Always abounds us

HAIKU PRESENTS: Reflection with Each Majors This Second Year

The myths are explored
When they speak, write and listen
in the Odes of Joy

Creating a film
And a blissful dance in front
Exposed our culture

The scrapping numbers
On the board with some questions
Leaves me more challenged

Biological Science
The test tube's shaking
With the force across the line
Without a demo

Social Science
Cavite's food porn
And a presentation's clear
Equals real agents

P.S. I do not own this pictures (taken from the Internet) and it is for enjoyment and educational purposes only.


Eto na nga ang pinaka-evaluation ko sa kanya mula nang umupo siya bilang University Student Council Public Relations Officer. Maganda ang kaniyang pamumuno at siya rin ay "multitasking". Sumali sa ibang organizations pati na ang pagiging iskolar ng La Salle hanggang sa pagiging world class ambassador ng buong unibersidad. Saan ka pa? Siya lang ang makakagawa ng ganito. That's why I am inspire to volunteer each auxiliary groups to define what volunteering is.

Nasan na ba ako? Ay, kay Kuya Dastin pala. Isa siyang iskolar, isang masipag na estudyante, at isang ehemplo ng mga kabataan ngayon. Palagi siyang sumasagot ng mga tanong, no holds barred, busy man siya sa kanyang trabaho bilang isang USC PRO o hindi. Palagi siyang active sa larangan ng pagboboluntaryo! Two thumbs up at lalo siyang sumasaya kahit napapagod siya. Madiskarte din pala ito at palagi niyang nagagawa ang kanyang tungkulin na walang bahid ng kahit malisya.…

When I Met Micah: A Short Blog Selection

Ang presidenteng hinding hindi ka iiwanan, dahil kay Micah, May kakampi ka!Why do I wrote this this in my blog? Because she's effective and she's eventually manage herself when she serve for the students. Not because I want her to win the elections but because I believe in her in my thoughts and in my words, no matter how will costs you.

How this meeting began? Seriously before I want to share how I'd rather go along with this one-on-one meeting, let's look at the flashback. Almost a year ago when I met her during Lasallian Festival 2014 where my friend Ate Noveltie was accompanied by SENTRO friends. My face was familiar to her when we meet again. Ate Micah gave a white flower (tissue) to me, but it was from Ate Noveltie, as a souvenir or a remembrance. After that, we never meet again for a matter of time.

When I heard about the deadline of candidacy, signatures are double lock to approve by the Dean of OSS, so I thought I could see her by surprise. Unfortunately, it did…

Baguio: A Cold and Winding Road - A Journal

Experiencing the best trip ever in an activity field was the most potential way to begin a new adventure.
Thanks to this, despite the cold weather, I'm still alive and kicking.
Eto ang istorya ng aking buhay sa Baguio. Pasensya na kung wala o delayed lang ang mga pictures ko.

My Diary

Jan. 8, 2014 - Nag-announce si Mam Causaren tungkol sa Field Trip sa Baguio which this is the compulsive sa amin. Nagkataon lang na P5,000 ang expenses kung saan hindi naman pala kayang bayaran lalo na kung wala kang deposit box. Sana naman makasama ako kahit ngayon lang dahil nga required. Nag-alalala ako ngayon kung ano ang gagawin ko sa Field Trip. Well, this will be fun for the first time dahil eto na ang pinakamalayo at pinakamalamig na paglalakbay sa aking buhay.
Unfortunately, my parents are strict. Ayaw akong payagang pumunta sa Baguio. Paano kasi malayo ang lugar. Sana naman magbago pa ang desisyon ukol dito.
Ang nararamdaman ko during the day is sobrang tuwa at sobrang lungkot dahil excited ako a…