Saturday, December 10, 2016


Nanood. Napahanga. Napakagaling.

The Philippine setting of Sherlock Holmes is a definite one kind of mystery with a humorous lines and gestures as well as the virtuous performance from the female version of Sherlock Holmes, who delivers more British way of acting to the way Dr. John Watson is so smooth in speaking his lines and his versatile action. The two are going to solve the problem or case about the mysterious deaths in the North village, leading them into the truth about the real interests of a wealthy businessman and mayor. Whatever the production team creates different lightning angles and one-shot performances of some students in the limelight, even the whole plot is interesting yet so complex, this play deserves to praise creatively and critically.

For creativity, this play has a complete and nice scene and design despite of its small location, with different scenes that soothes the mystery-thriller more conducive to ask "What will happens next?" and its original idea makes me happy and more natural.

For critically, this play has a combination of humor, drama, and mystery that is so extrusive. The performers not only act well but they gave their chance to present their talents. The choice of songs and background itself are more thrilling, going "kilig" too much, and also "matched" expectations in creating the scene more memorable and explainable. The choice of writing is similar and original, making the lines spoken is smooth and rough, nothing more nothing else. The production is quick and prepared well, making the time pace relaxed.

Overall, without the flaws, Sherlock Holmes: Murders in the North goes with a quick setting of mystery-thriller that thrills our seat unthinkable and satisfied. Can't get over to the scene that is so kilig and compete with the real protagonists. Making the quality better, solid performances are stronger than ever. But it reminds me of Gray: The Musical that dominates the strong acting and performance skills of each students.

It is one of the fresh plays in La Salle offered and performed by the DLSU-D Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English 3rd Year students. I hope that there will be a re-runs in the future.

Yes, I would love to see this play ASAP. Make it more adventurous and thrill-seeking. #SherlockHolmes #Mystery

P.S. I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories, even if I didn't watched the modern one (TV).