Saturday, November 26, 2016


"Your trial is temporary, but God’s Love is permanent."
Bo Sanchez

Why do I want to quote this? Because it is inspiring. Because it is interesting. Because it is essential to say optimistic. Because it is an application to our life which doesn't exceed expectations. This is the reason why commitment always have a trial for us. Because God tests us what would be our passion and our expectations to other profession and to other aspects of our life.

Yesterday, I was approached by a lady, who was on the front seat of the jeepney, holding her art materials from the exhibit that she participated, which I was headed home, and was cannot serve her service in the chapel, informing me if I am served everyday in the same vicinity. I said to her that I am not served everyday since I was busy in practice teaching. I also informed her that I am disappointed to the group today since some of the volunteers who want (or need) to serve for the Lord was almost on the peak of challenges encountered today. She was a member of performing arts group, especially involved in a production unit, where she was a novice (or something) and always pressure to her duties as a member of the company. Her commitments are surprisingly burst like a giant volcano standing around the area (what should I mean is it's surprisingly uncertain if any of the people can make a promise to do the task). I really see her in her eyes that she's missing her voluntary service in chapel, in the midst of her disappointment. Also she told me about her parents who were strict, the reason why she was excluded in the activities in the church. That's why I told her about decisions on how she can include to the important activities in a nice way, because it is only done once. During the middle of the road and before she stopped at her destination, she cried a little for I advised her to know if she's ready to decide where she will go forth in finding and choosing the happiness she needs. I wiped out some of her tears from her lower lid of an eye to sympathized her and to show concerns to her.

During our talk, I wondered how I was also related to myself since high school years (which I won't discuss for now). She's wandering if she can fulfill her mission to participate in all chapel-related activities since she's a volunteer and a member of a peer ministry (auxiliary group), just like me. She's probably in jeopardy whether if she can able to balance the time management, just like me. She's probably in the middle of nowhere if she can encounter decision making goals like this, just like me. She's aware if the challenges are full of web-tangling, spinal nerving, fists clenching, eye bulging, mouth shrieking, puzzled riddling expectations to survive the day and fulfill its goals, just like me. When I realized this, I can't determined if this would be my final talk to her. I don't care if she's doing it so much, But I care for her because we need her to fill the tank up in serving the Lord. 

The lady have already prepared to think what was the right decision she can be done at the end of the night. Her trial can be changed into happiness that tests the ability to perform freely and soothes the day or night around. And one day, I can see her serving to God no matter what. That's a permanent thing happiness provides.

Just like the quote stated above, choosing your real passion is a trial in our life, and it's temporary. Making it complicated makes our life full of mistakes, temporary. And choosing the best decision can be temporary because commitment is scarce and worry in our body. Can't decide much, that what I want to point. Decisions are full of temporary situations that can be permanent if any people choose wise and concise (the conscience can provide them) and with God's guidance and love. This is why commitment is the best thing why these things are priceless and only the person who has a problem can identify these passion in order to pursue your desired career and your ambitious landmark of happiness. Only God's love is the peak of our commitment that is permanent to us, whether you're a sinner, a perfect, or a special person. We surrender to God, everything's in position to make a pledge of commitment and he will provided anything. Blessings are yet to come.

Friends, fulfill your happiness and break the anonymity of your career or your passion by enhancing your faith, because in the end permanent things will be a blessing in disguise and something unexpected is necessary if anyone can made a right decision that suites confidence and courage to make a stand for faith. Pray always to God and be blessed.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6