Monday, July 27, 2015

Argumentative Essay: Abortion

This essay was exhibited as one of my assessments of the Academic and Media Literacy. 
The unborn child on the mother’s womb will be the God’s gift for all the matured women. But when the contradiction of parents and partners or conflicts in the society due to labor reasons, abortion was came to its solution. With nothing but a sin for all kinds, it will shut down the woman’s life morally, psychologically, and spiritually. For me, I am against abortion because it terminates the defenseless child and it is a crime that should not be legalized.
Immature women were always getting in trouble, simply because of disuse of their life. It all starts with a pre-marital sex which is common for teens through limitless curiosity. After that, unexpected pregnancy appears and everything is in ruined due to the effects of having a sin outside of marriage. The only answer to continue their lives and to avoid misfortunes from parents (who were disappointed in this result) was ABORTION, which is the way to terminate the child away from the womb (Angelo, 2006). Abortion is like a life cycle that kills the womb due to the effects of being a ruined person.
The abortion in the Philippines was in a whore image. The incidence of abortion increases since 1994 with 400,000 to 500,000 and rising. 70% of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion and the economic reason was the greatest factor to abort the baby off the womb. Doctors who perform abortions clandestinely in clinics typically charge 2,000 to 5,000 pesos, or $37 to $93, according to one report from New York Times (Conde, 2005).
            Killing the fetus on the womb of the mother’s would consider as a mortal sin and a crime. The divine law says that “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life” (CCC 2272). It is revealed on the Bible in the Ten Commandments, the fifth law says that: “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). In the Philippine legal law, it is a crime and not a practice for all Catholics. Article 258 of The Reviser Penal Code in the Philippines states that further imposes a higher prison term on the woman or her parents if the abortion is undertaken "in order to conceal [the woman's] dishonor".
            In order to go safe, the couples have to decide on a safety practice of family planning to accept the responsibility as a family. It also means birth control, but with adequate method in choosing their child for their brighter future. Giving an opportunity to be a responsible parent would be the time to be a matured person and have a tender loving care with our children. Adoption would necessary does it, but it depends on the nature of one’s process. God could bless the family as Psalms 127:3 states: “Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Starting a family is too hard, but it will be your happiest moment in their lives.
            The government and the religious groups should make a stand against abortion through information campaign & educational programs. Pro-life is the main advocacy or objectives of all the activities here in the Philippines not to influence them through opinion but to preserve what life is. The people should learn the promotion of good health and safety measures in family planning which was also important through sexual education and anti-abortion policy.
            Every human being is a person ( This is what God gift for us. No matter how reasonable to considerate as ethics, the common thing to get abstinence was conscience. Continuing our life is the main agent to lean on.Abortion is not the way to continue the woman’s life; it is just a ridiculous thing to commit a sin and to commit a crime that does not think of equality of others.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Birthday to The Greatest Girl I've Ever Met

NOTE: Probably Micah G. is my bet to win the USC; and miracles happen, she won. But this person ultimately surprised me only because I want to questioned her about the issues of the University and how they handle it (the actions done). Of course, history changed the presence in her college. So here we go: telling a story that stuck to my memory over and over again. (Just like Inside Out!)

March 2, 2015, the electoral debate. I have no classes after 4:00 PM when I watched this event organized by the Student Commission on Elections. I was also doing a technical paper about Electrostatics (more complicated in reference and sentences) when the COEd slate of both parties spoke in the debate. And later, the USC slate. Now, to get an attention from some of the people who watched the debate, I asked several people about the issues and of course, their answer to my curious mind about the issues mostly within the University premises.

After the debate, I want to speak to Ate Micah directly about her performance; but because of shyness, I cannot talk to her because she's with her family. Instead, I asked one from Sentro. She didn't come to the debate because she have a class. Then I approached her to ask only about the issues inside the university: surcharge, attendance, scholarship, etc. That asking a question turns to talking about each other, because I didn't know she's a friendly person until we walk going to the Rotonda for their prayer meeting.

We're talking about our experiences as a scholar, in which I really hate surcharge, she hates it too. "Malaking pasakit sa magulang", indeed. When I talked about her religion, it's simple to ask but I respect her to avoid another issue. She's Born Again (later she's on DLSU-D Lifters as a Vice President, even before she was a President) but a fan of Catholic person, Bro. Bo Sanchez. I dreamed that she could be a motivator like Bro. Bo, thus she knows that she value all of her doing or faith to God.

When we reached near CTHM Building, I never stop talking to her, this time with personal reasons. I talked about leadership and social skills in which I have a problem on each sides. Thus, i have to keep it confidentially to avoid criticisms. Our time is up where I want to go to ERS (in which in surprise, she was assigned there by SSO - duty). but before she go so was I, she really appreciated my one-on-one talk, so she handshaked me as a token of friendship.

But there is onlyy one thing I'll always remember her, giving her a real definition of unclutching my memories: A FRIENDLY HUG. This was my first outside the corridors of COEd and my volunteering group CPM as well as PAP. At first, it is a PDA for me due to its area of where we stopped; but when she hugged me again, I feel my face "nganga" and blushed. I don't know if I had a crush on her in the first place, but I have a lesson to me: "WHEN YOU APPROACHED A FRIEND ONLY TO ASK A QUESTION, GO WITH THE FLOW TO TALK ABOUT IT".

Everytime I saw her or she saw me, we need to hug each other in a friendly way, except when she's really busy, because it sparkles our confidence not only to each other but also on what motivates you to do your work as a student and as a person. Seriously, it inspires you to create a history or to do an explorer's adventure once and for all. I didn't ridiculed the chance, for a great opportunity to begin again as a matured person and she always appreciate my efforts to express our adventures despite our small gap differences. If I want to be a leader someday, then I want a plan of action and a real strategy to determine my needs to create a new possibilities as well as the demands of each students with a real reason. My only weapon, if necessary,was a friendly hug or "the appreciation of a friend who was rewarded due to the inspirational cause or talk as he/she shared his/her thoughts and a matter of support."

I always remind of her of hugs, especially of her. A friend of Micah G., who also balanced her time in everything, as she goes in several seminars about leadership, she's also a role model to others so she can influence other people due to her low-profile status outside the limelight and she can also also do a friendly hug. Also she's always prioritized her studies, family, and even in motivating people in her religion due to her faith in Christ. I also want to know that I can share your other experiences to me,only in a private matter and because of your friendly hug, I am fully inspired in what I have to do: participating in each activity and of course, believing in God, another weapon to fulfill the prayers and miracles.

I would like to know that this girl who friendly hugged me due to accepting of my talk to her was now my friend. She is God-fearing, an optimistic and a respected person due to her position in the CBAASC. "I want you to know that it's our time, you and me bleed the same light" (Zedd and Selena Gomez, I Want You To Know). I'm your "puppy love" because you enlighten me. And that's my surprise to you, Ate Audry Valerie Vallejo. may you can inspire them and I'll support you for your actions done, even if you're busy or focusing on studies, so was I. May God bless you and Happy Birthday. Stay younger and be the best in yourself. and good luck to your SC.

"Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied." (Jude 1:2 KJV)

More stuff about her and her launch of her career as a leader, visit

Note: All pictures are from Aurdy Vallejo's Facebook page.

P.S. I want to remember this post again:

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Haiku About Fathers

A father's real care
No matter what will happens
Always suceeds us

A father's respect

Is too important to us
To know about it

A father's support

Hardships or motivation
Always on the roll

A father's real deed

To us is to earn a real
Sacrifice for us

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Haiku About Mothers

A mother with care
Always ready with more trust
And guide forever

A mother with doubt
Always surrounds with good deed
Of a great advice

A mother's support
Encourages motivation
To achieve a goal

A mother's patience
Beyond every sacrifice
Always abounds us

Saturday, April 18, 2015

HAIKU PRESENTS: Reflection with Each Majors This Second Year

The myths are explored
When they speak, write and listen
in the Odes of Joy

Creating a film
And a blissful dance in front
Exposed our culture

The scrapping numbers
On the board with some questions
Leaves me more challenged

Biological Science
The test tube's shaking
With the forcce across the line
Without a demo

Social Science
Cavite's food porn
And a presentation's clear
Equals real agents

P.S. I do not own this pictures (taken from the Internet) and it is for enjoyment and educational purposes only.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


What I'm gonna do today? Is it alright to focus only on studies or to achieve something impossible which is made possible from the above? Are you ready to take the challenge, any challenges from top to bottom? Do you think what I'm thinking? What are the trends we have? Are the odds be in favor always? What if I review for the qualifying exams then enjoy the rest of the summer with your relative? Are you took a leap for enhancing your own senses into reality? What are the causes of poverty in our daily lives? Is there any random news in the town? Do you believe in faith God gives you to do all of the things you had not only for your own reasons but for the better place of the reputation and dignity of the university? Do you know every secret I want to handle? Is anyone can inspire from the influential or political or religious leaders without creating a big mistake? Do you like some miscellaneous ideas and things you have now? Are you expressing your feelings inside out? Are you ready to take the responsibility as a student and as a leader? Why do you want to lead? Is this the beginning of a better future? As the next generation of being human for 16-25 years, what is your mission here? DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING? THEN EXPLAIN EACH AND HOW THEY WERE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER?

These are the randoms questions I have by now. And they are inter-related to each other. Solve the puzzle and reflect what life is. There are no prizes, just express what you have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



Eto na nga ang pinaka-evaluation ko sa kanya mula nang umupo siya bilang University Student Council Public Relations Officer. Maganda ang kaniyang pamumuno at siya rin ay "multitasking". Sumali sa ibang organizations pati na ang pagiging iskolar ng La Salle hanggang sa pagiging world class ambassador ng buong unibersidad. Saan ka pa? Siya lang ang makakagawa ng ganito. That's why I am inspire to volunteer each auxiliary groups to define what volunteering is.

Nasan na ba ako? Ay, kay Kuya Dastin pala. Isa siyang iskolar, isang masipag na estudyante, at isang ehemplo ng mga kabataan ngayon. Palagi siyang sumasagot ng mga tanong, no holds barred, busy man siya sa kanyang trabaho bilang isang USC PRO o hindi. Palagi siyang active sa larangan ng pagboboluntaryo! Two thumbs up at lalo siyang sumasaya kahit napapagod siya. Madiskarte din pala ito at palagi niyang nagagawa ang kanyang tungkulin na walang bahid ng kahit malisya. Tumutulong din siya sa aming college for making this things better. Wala na ako ibang masasabi. Mahaba man talaga ang gagawin ko, pero iniksihan ko for some reason.

I'm sorry Kuya Dastin kung ipo-post ko yung status mo from Facebook:

"Habang naglalakad papuntang entablado matapos tawagin ang pangalan ko ay muli kong nagunita ang isang tanong sa akin noong interbyu...
"Ano ang pinakamalaking achievement na nakuha mo sa Pamantasang De La Salle Dasma?"
Ang sabi ko, ang mapili/maboto bilang isa sa USC P.R.O ang pinakatampok sa natamo kong karangalan.Kung hindi dahil sa tiwala ng mga estudyante, hinding hindi ako magiging kung sino ako ngayon. Ang tiwala ng bawat isa ang sandigan ng mga karangalang ito. Ika nga ng isa kong propesor, "bonus na lang yung recognitions na yan", dahil malaman ko lang na nakatulong ako ay higit sa ligaya't saya ang aking nadarama...
At ngayon, nagpapasalamat po ako sa lahat ng taong nagpaabot ng tulong para sa award na ito.
Grabe lang talaga si Lord kung magbigay ng blessings :))
Salamat sa lahat kapwa ko USC, sa aming adviser, sa mga administrador, sa propesor, sa mga kaibigan at kaklase, sa kapwa ko Student Leader, sa pamilya ko bilang inspirasyon at higit sa lahat, sa iyo Panginoon, ang lahat ng parangal at papuri ay sa iyo! 
smile emoticon
Dastin Tabajunda
USC Officer of the Year
Luntiang Parangal 2015"

(Excerpt from his page last March 24, 2015)

Ayan, nagkatotoo na ang himala. Ramdam ka ng buong komunidad ng La Salle, dahil sa iyong husay sa pag-responde sa iba't-ibang bagay na may kinalaman sa serbisyo. Pero meron din siyang kakayahan sa academics. In 10 years, sana maging isa ka nang dakilang bayani ng mga bata at doktor ka na ng Educational Management. And of course, continue the legacy of being a Lasallian. Your dream is now one step ahead and it's not just a mission, it is a service that adjust our lives into the next level. That's because you're extraordinary because of what achievements you have done for us, but also for the sake of the academics. Always balanced in time management and always doing good when we (the Lasallian community approached him.

I'm proud of you, as well as your USC slate. God given you an opportunity to lead, and now, you finally deserve it. Good luck and I salute you for being a great man and a great teacherThank you and God bless you.

P.S. Congratulations din sa COEdSC at kay Ate Chacha Cron for making a learning today, leading tomorrow achievement for us. At kay Kuya Royce Salva for winning the 
StJohn Baptist De La Salle Award for Excellence in Leadership from the same college. May God bless you for the achievements they've done. Sorry for special mentioning them. Pahabol lang talaga ito! :) :) :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

When I Met Micah: A Short Blog Selection

Ang presidenteng hinding hindi ka iiwanan, dahil kay Micah, May kakampi ka!

Why do I wrote this this in my blog? Because she's effective and she's eventually manage herself when she serve for the students. Not because I want her to win the elections but because I believe in her in my thoughts and in my words, no matter how will costs you.

How this meeting began? Seriously before I want to share how I'd rather go along with this one-on-one meeting, let's look at the flashback. Almost a year ago when I met her during Lasallian Festival 2014 where my friend Ate Noveltie was accompanied by SENTRO friends. My face was familiar to her when we meet again. Ate Micah gave a white flower (tissue) to me, but it was from Ate Noveltie, as a souvenir or a remembrance. After that, we never meet again for a matter of time.

When I heard about the deadline of candidacy, signatures are double lock to approve by the Dean of OSS, so I thought I could see her by surprise. Unfortunately, it didn't work so much. But when the time that SCE published who were the candidates of the whole student council, I'm so surprised that she is the candidate for the race on USC.

I already managed on time on how could I meet her again. Two of my friends at Campus Peer Ministries helped me on this meeting but honestly I always questioned them on how this should be done, from unexpected to planned.

February 6, 2015. The day I want to talk one-on-one about some matters I want to answer from her. Before that, I texted Kuya Adrian on whereabouts before my Physics class starts at 10 AM. Therefore, a message from her says that she invite me to eat and talk. around 12:15 PM, my class finished early so I can find her at JFH Kubo (which she texted me on her location). Unfortunately, I was lost but five minutes later, Ate Micah saw me unexpectedly, The talk for almost two hours began with the first encounter in almost a year and the rest is history.

Before I go serious on the questions, she introduced herself and myself about our life and our past. When I eat at Mila's Diner, I continue my sharing as well as hers to easily recognized our friendship and loyalty. We have the same subject we've favorite for: Social Studies; but different in the field. I like history (seriously, I excelled in that thing) but she like anthropology and sociology. Well, that is fantastic, yet I need to take more time on doing history. But sometimes, I was on the hot seat when she asked my private life.

This column has contains more facts than fiction. Joke :) I want to share about those three questions that she answer. First, about her entry in La Salle Dasma and why Psychology.Second, if I was in my position (as a concerned but confused student), what would she do?. Third, are you born to be a leader? Why?

Here are the answers: For the first part, she was an academic honor student and she wants to study in Ateneo or UP, yet she failed. With God's guidance, she entered DLSU-D and she chose Psychology to determine the behavior of each person she knows when they share to him. The second part, it is so curious. Here's the brief description in entering the service: a Sinag supporter turns to Sentro when someone offers her to run in the student council (that works every time). This is the time I see in her eyes that she's serious in doing some business with the students. Yet, she's wise in choosing the candidate when she thinks first. Finally, the third part have answered: Being a leader influences other people, that's why a leader have a passion in our heart. God is always watching us from above. For short, there is no right or wrong in answering this question. Because of these answers, I believe in her vision and she have a dignity in mandating the students' voices.

Before I end this, I want to say that she's a role model to everyone. A good adviser to the people that penetrates our hearts to do what is best, and a good motivator because she can motivate people's lives to change. She can even managed her pressure and stress through living alone (only if she can think a decision) or be with her family and friends; or to relieve her stress through creating an art in an artistic way (from clay to paint).

Handling this situation convinces me to believe in her, that's why I support her because she's an optimist and always ready to serve the students. If you want help, then call her because she's your ally. That's the essence of loyalty and passion in our hearts. Take it or leave it, I'd rather approve this support.

Honestly, I'm curious on all things; but sometimes when you made up your mind, there's no turning back.

Prinsipyo, Paniningdigan, PUSO

In Micah I Trust Indeed. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baguio: A Cold and Winding Road

Experiencing the best trip ever in an activity field was the most potential way to begin a new adventure.

Thanks to this, despite the cold weather, I'm still alive and kicking.

Eto ang istorya ng aking buhay sa Baguio. Pasensya na kung wala o delayed lang ang mga pictures ko.

My Diary

Jan. 8, 2014 - Nag-announce si Mam Causaren tungkol sa Field Trip sa Baguio which this is the compulsive sa amin. Nagkataon lang na P5,000 ang expenses kung saan hindi naman pala kayang bayaran lalo na kung wala kang deposit box. Sana naman makasama ako kahit ngayon lang dahil nga required. Nag-alalala ako ngayon kung ano ang gagawin ko sa Field Trip. Well, this will be fun for the first time dahil eto na ang pinakamalayo at pinakamalamig na paglalakbay sa aking buhay.

Unfortunately, my parents are strict. Ayaw akong payagang pumunta sa Baguio. Paano kasi malayo ang lugar. Sana naman magbago pa ang desisyon ukol dito.

Ang nararamdaman ko during the day is sobrang tuwa at sobrang lungkot dahil excited ako at masyadong nakakainis. May poknat din ako sa utak dahil matigas ang ulo ko. I can't decide what will I do about this.

Jan. 9-14, 2014 - May tatlo akong plano ukol sa nalalapit na Field Trip. Una, ang pagsabi ng mga kaibigan sa akin na pumunta ako sa Baguio para mas exciting. Pangalawa, kapag hindi ako kasama sa activity, magmama-kaawa ako sa BSD na pasamahin ako. Pero sa pangatlo, ito ang pinakamatindi, ayokong sumama dahil sa financial difficulties.

By the time na ayokong sumunod sa protocol, kusang nagmakaawa yung Mama ko sa BSD Chair na si Mam Cuevas na huwag akong pasamahin sa Field Trip. Nadistress ako dahil sa narinig ko. Instead na kausapin ko siya ng mano-mano simula noong Sabado hanggang Martes kung saan wala siya noong Lunes dahil sa Tree Planting sa Noveleta. This is the craziest thing I always do everyday in my life. Nagtungo na ako sa COS at URO para lamang sa inpormasyon ukol sa Field Trip. The truth is I'm always have a problem to others. Natutukso ako kapag pumayag ako. Nagkaroon ako ng problema sa pera pati na ang mga magulang ko, masyadong nag-alala sa akin dahil delikado.

Kaya gumawa ako ng paraan para matapos ito. Signing the waiver or parental consent form is the easiest way to finish this para makasama ako sa Baguio. Aminado ako na kaya ko to at kung paano ko ima-manage ang oras ko sa Baguio at maghanda para dito ay parang maayos lang ang diskarte sa buhay.

Ang lamig talaga sa Baguio sa totoo lang dahil sa hanging amihan at sa sobrang ginaw ng mga halaman at naningingig ka kapag wala kang jacket o kahit anong bagay na kailangan mo. Umabot na sa 9.6 degrees Celsius noong Martes at sigurado akong bababa pa ang temperarura sa Baguio dulot ng amihan.

Jan. 15, 2014 - At the time na wala ako sa listahan sa field trip, kailangang kong pumunta kay Mam Medicillio para ikumpirma na sasama ako sa Baguio. At sa wakas, sasama talaga ako sa Baguio. Handa na ang lahat: damit, hygiene, libro, ballpen, at iba pa. Ngayon, papunta pa lang ako sa La Salle, naisip ko na bakit wala akong dalang gamot. Sayang! Ayan tuloy, kailangan ko ng bumili ng gamot sa Mercury, puro Unilab. Pagkatapos niyan, sa Bus 4 yung target.

Sobra akong nasiyahan dahil sa long trip naming lahat. From Dasmarinas to Tabang to Urdaneta to Sison to Baguio, siksik na ang pahinga namin. 1AM nakatulog ako dahil sa inaantok at kailangan ng pampalakas para bukas. By 3:30AM nandun kami sa Urdaneta at Sison o first time sa Pangasinan para lang umihi. By the way, nanood din kami ng Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters at 10PM. Pagdating ng Baguio, napansin ko lang na bakit zigzag yung daan? Ayan tuloy palipat-lipat ako ng puwesto sa iisang upuan. That sucks my day inside and out.

Jan. 16, 2014 - First time sa Baguio. Same procedures, different strangers. Yan ang bago kapag lagi mo silang kasama sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon ng pagkakaibigan. After eating breakfast, on the way agad sa La Trinidad Botanical Gardens o Baahung Botanical Gardens. Kailangan talagang alamin ang iba't-ibang uri ng halaman, which this will be our task for Activity 8 with a minimum of only 20 plants, at ang pamumuhay sa Baguio. May nagpicture, (lahat naman tayo ay magpi-picture para sa scrapbook by individual for Lecture and by group for Laboratory) meron din nagsaliksik, at merong ding nahilo sa kasagsagan ng pagbisita sa Botanical Gardens. Its a bumpy ride after all back and forth. Nakakahilo kasi eh. After that, balik sa bus at sabi ng Tourguide na kung sino bibili ng strawberry sa Sabado ay kailangang na magpalista kung ilang kilo ang gusto mong bilhin.

Lunch sa Hotel Supreme. Kainan na ng pagkain kagaya ng chicken, fish, beef, pork, kahit sopas nakaserve na with desserts. Sa tatlong araw na pananatili sa Baguio, ang paborito ko ay walang iba kundi gulay.

At 1PM, nagtungo na kami sa Benguet State University for the seminar entitled "Organic Agriculture" by Dr. Jose Balooing. May registration pa kada pila by line. Medyo naantok ako sa sinabi niya. Pero ang kahalagahan ng organic agriculture ay siyempre merong good benefits sa katawan. Tinalakay din ang effects of pesticides plus vermicompost. At least naman eh, importante din na kakailangan mo to para gumawa ng pagkain.

Another tour sa BSU La Trinidad Farm House kung saan parang umikot lang kami mula sa malayo.

Back to Hotel Supreme para mag-dinner. Same varieties, different dishes in a three days, three nights stay. Yummy!

Tulog na kami. All rooms are sealed. Pero ang ilan ay parang hindi pa sila inaantok. Ilan sa kanila ay nagwa-wifi pa, tumatawag pa kung kani-kanino kahit sa mga magulang, at panood-nood pa ng TV. Well, bahala kayo kung anong oras kayo matulog. Go lang ng go. And there was the day it was cold outside. Good evening to everyone. Basta naligo ulit ako ng dalawang beses, akala ko magpupunas ako dahil malamig at mabaho ang katawan. After an hour, nood lang ako ng nood dahil pagpawala rin ito ng stress. Then the inspection came at 10PM. May market survey daw kami. Don't worry hindi naman natuloy. This is shocking eh wala kaming market survey pero inusog ito noong Sabado ng umaga. Hahaha....

Nood na lang ako ng MTV at Disney Channel, buong magdamag pala bukas! Ouch!

Jan. 17, 2014 - The time has started with eating breakfast. Ligo muna tapos eto kailangan nang mag-ayos ng gamit. How clean is it!

Bili-bili din ng souvenir pag may time! Anything is possible if the pocket money is available. Wag lang sayangin ang pera para lang sa wala.

After that, we went to the BSU Strawberry Farm para sa another seminar entitled "Strawberry Wine Making". Same procedure but still we listen carefully on what it is made without mistake. Ngayon may mga proseso ang mga ito. It's a flippy cold out there. May tour pala sa buong first floor building para tignan ang iba't-ibang proseso at mala-museum ito dahil may makikita kang mga artifacts.

Then balik sa hotel para mag-relax at mag-lunch. Bago umalis, nag-ayos kami ng mga bagahe namin dahil darating ang housekeeping in any minute. Bwisit, nakalimutan ko pa ang Iphone ko sa hotel. Grabe ang ginawa ko. Bad trip! Pagbalik ko mismo sa Hotel, nakapatay naman yung buong kuwarto. For short, walang gumalaw ng gamit habang nandyan ang housekeeping. It is still safe in good hands.

Now, nakakahilo na naman ang daan. Zigzag kasi kaya ayan can't control the dizziness. Next destination: Baguio Botanical Garden. Daming halaman at puno doon especially pine trees. Some of them are endemic species and the majority of them ay nandito sa ating bansa. Tapos merong isang part ng BG na mala-museum ang dating, at iyon ang mga siyudad na magkasosyo sa buong mundo kagaya ng Canada, Korea, Amerika, atbp. Hayaan mo na nga. Ayokong sirain ang kanilang pagsasama.

Here I come, ang La Salle Dasma ng Benguet, St. Louis University. Pinapatakbo ito ng mga pari sa Baguio. Nandito rin ang mga museo at mga gusali na nagmumukhang bundok dahil sa kapaligiran. Adventurous ang unang trip, sa Museo ng mga Ifugao at iba't-ibang katutubo sa Cordillera. Mga artifacts, mga ritwal na kadalasang ginagawa mismo sa mga bundok gaya ng pag-aalay, kagamitan ng kani-kanilang tribo, at siyempre yung mga buto na nahukay mula sa mga kuweba at mga bundok. Plus may nawala sa aming grupo si Llaneta, hindi sa naligaw kundi sa grabe nandoon sa ibang bus. Pagkatapos naming mag-CR, parang nawala siya. Hahaha... May sisihan at nagkaroon pa ng parang aminan na walang nangyari.

Dalawang lugar ang aming pinuntahan: ang Good Shepherd at Mines View Park. Hindi lang bilihan ang Good Sheperd, kundi isa itong kumbento sa mala-bulubunduking anyo nito. Ang Mines View ay Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Baguio kung taas-baba ang aking nilalakaran. Eto, gumagawa ng stunt - jumping the stairs. Hahahaha... Tapos bili-bili rin ng souvenirs at mga pagkain. Ayan tuloy sumakit pa ulo ko after pumasok sa bus. Ang pinanood namin during and after the final length of the trip is no other than The Wolverine.

Pagkabalik namin sa Hotel, hala nakanino ang susi ng room namin? Wala naman sa akin. Loko si Ryan dahil nasa kanya pala iyon. What a grave mistake! Then dinner time sa dining hall.

Yeah, there was an incident happened again, thanks sa mga nagsara ng aming kuwarto. Great panic! Plus, di ba may shooting sila for Math, eh hindi na lang ako sumama. Yes! Kailangan eh, birthday ng kasama namin si Ryan kaya nagpa-party sa ibang room. It's silent inside so eto, parang tambay. May nakarating na balita sa akin na nabasag ang isang bote. Hala, nag-aalala ako sa kanila. Ewan ko kung mapapa-trobol sila, pero nakaligtas sila sa pangyayari. The inspection came again kung ok lang kami. Sila rin pala ang nagbabantay sa buong magdamag. Nanood na lang kami at busy pa ako ngayon kagaya ng TV at sa net. Ang galing ng Wasted Productions (SPG for themes, language, and sexual content). Nakakatawa ang lyrics, laugh all the way! Tapos go on na sa mga pangyayari kagaya ng pagtulog at busy sa panonood na hindi na namang pinatay ang TV. It will be the final night for me sa Baguio.

Jan. 18, 2014 - The last time na sinet ko ng alarm clock ng alas-4 n. u., hindi ako kumibo dahil ang harsh kapag gumising ako. Ayan tuloy, nagising ako ng alas-5:30 n. u. sapagkat kulang talaga ang tulog ko sa buong magdamag. Ligo na rin pag may time. Then kain na for today. Finally, we're going to the final destination for the final activity, the SLU Museum of Natural Sciences which we're giving 30 minutes to accomplish and to see the animals and their phylum para sa aming worksheet and scrapbook. The rest is pahinga so need to prepare to go home as early as we can.

Then, eto nasa Orchadium kami to continue the activity. Tadtad ng pictures ang ilan to gather all the needs. Kasbay ng pagpapagawa ng road infrastructure sa harap, ay ang lakad dito, lakad doon project. Ang sarap talaga kung si Mam Par pa ang mag-explain ng all types of plants found in Baguio. Mabuti na lang, wala kaming Market Survey! Hahaha...

Nakakainggit nga lang dahil hindi kami kasali sa class picture. What a souvenir!

Back at 10AM for the final break, kain-kain din pag may time. Sige lang, usap-usap din pag may time. That's all!

1PM, nakalarga na kami pabalik ng Cavite to give a rest. 10 hours of travelling na hindi na naman ako makatulog due to the "I See Them All Protocol", it's a crappy day after all. Tapos 4PM doon lang lumabas ang resulta ang mga grado sa ilan naming subjects if fail or not. Thanks to my friend named Ayra, alam ko na ang grades ko sa portal.

Sa bus no. 80080, may music (mostly OPM) para makapag-good vibes plus movies to enjoy. Kaso palagi naman may stopover just like the recent times na nadaanan na namin since the first trip. Ang huli ay nasa San Fernando Exit sa Shell at 7PM kung saan kumain ang ilan for only an hour. Napanood namin ay ang Jumper at The Darkest Hour. After that, the journey ends with a gift of fortitude to our loved ones.

Sayang nga lang, nabasag pa ang strawberry wine ko. Bili na lang ako pagbalik sa Baguio.

3 Days, 3 Nights, Exactly 24 Hours of Road and Activity Trip: ito na nga ang pinakamasayang paglarga mismo sa itaas ng Pilipinas (after Subic).

P.S. May nakilala akong kaibigan sa Benguet. Napakasweet ng kanyang pleasing personality at tumigil siya sa pag-aaral for only a year. Doon ako bumili ng strawberry wine for only P25. Babalik ako pag may time pa!

See you soon, Baguio. Till we're meet again for my new adventure.

My Reaction

Pagkatapos ng limang taon, bumalik ako sa Norte, ngayon sa Baguio for the activity trip. May halong kaba at saya sa aking puso. Maaaring ito'y isang solusyon para lang matupad ang aking mga pinapangarap. Ayoko lang talagang mapag-iwanan dahil naiinggit ako sa mga kalokohan ko at sa mga kasama ko.

Puno ng kaba ang aking puso dahil sa pinansyal na problema. Kahina-hinala ang aking ginagawa dahil nagmumukha akong kawawa para lang sumama sa isang importanteng aktibidad.

Nang dumating ako sa Baguio, eto ngayon masaya, pero puno rin ng pagdududa dahil sa mabagal na koneksyon ng Wi-Fi sa Hotel Supreme at siyempre sa pagiging alalahanin sa iba't-ibang bagay kagaya ng kung anong nangyayari sa La Salle at sa mga magulang at kapatid ko.

Sa kabila nito, may saya ang aking buhay dahil sa maraming itineraries at sceneries na totoong makikita sa Baguio at sa ilang beses na tignan o picturan ang lahat na nakatatak sa aking memorya, naiisip ko palagi ang mga taong tumulong sa akin. Tapos na ang lahat nang biglang napa-isip ako sa mga nangyayari bago ang unti-unti naming pag-alis sa Baguio: Joke Time! Hahahaha...

Overall, the trip is so ok! That is more than an ordinary trip I've ever experienced.

Lesson: Wag mong ipilit ang di kaya, pero pag compulsive, no choice ka. Wag kang magpaawa!

Special Thanks

Mam Melanie Medicilio and Mam Rina Par dahil sinamahan niyo po kami sa biyahe, pati ang tropang MEB13,

BSE11/12 dahil tayo'y KaBIO sa anumang panahon,

Harranah Tours corporation para sa pag-accommodate sa aming biyahe,

At ang Panginoong Diyos, kung saan ginabayan niyo po kami papuntang baguio at pabalik ng Cavite.

Baguio Farm House

Bus No.4: 80080

Hotel Supreme: My Stay - 4 Days and 3 Nights

Keep Smiling All Day

Souvenir Shop at La Trinidad

Not Brazil, Yes to Cordillera

Tatak Baguio, Tatak Pinoy

Zigzag Mountain. Home Sweet Home