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Thy Fate Be Done

"I finally met her, again."

Everyday, thousands of people around the world always communicate within each other to share, to talk some matters, to accurately foretold their experiences, and to respect their opinion when we were told to do a task. For the people who are always sociable like that, that's okay, it works all the time. But fate always relies to the present times from what deja vu means to you or someone to achieve on based on the interpretation of your dreams. Why fate does says that anyway, especially to the events happened for today? Is it an accident or is it a proper way God gave me this day to tell this elastic heart?

A while ago, during the PAPalaring Pinoy, eventually after my Qualifying Exams, an inspiring sharing series was done to know their feelings inside out. Whether the qualities have been tell to ease the pain we had or take the risk to settle down the final game.

I spoke twice, one was the majority of the performance as a PAP member; the second is when all pains and struggles as well as happy moments with your friends is real talk. Now, all of the attendees can share their thoughts. Every topic and every issues are resolve to ease the pain or to maintain the relationship between others. It's a recollection thing, you know.

But this is real when she talked already to Sir/Kuya Rex when I tell the story. On my sharing, for the second time, I measurably say my thoughts and words about the one who will say "Hi" or "Hello" to me, myself, and I. This situation smiles my day, honestly. Now, I already slipped my mouth when I say the blind item, especially when I heard a song that was also her favorite, making it a surprise move not only to say my culminating speech in an impromptu way but also to say my infatuated feelings to her, knowing me since I entered PAP (but the real ones was during my CPM service as she was a commentator in the same auxiliary group). Saying this speech frees my shaggy heart to express my feelings and to empathize to those who are stranded in the boat.

For she will graduate this May, I also bless her from God's guidance to her excellent career and her exemplary future. Notice that whoever knows her beauty is because of God's image and likeness, nothing more nothing less.

In response to my speech regarding of what she giggles in a face-to-face talk before she can leave the presence in the building, she advised me to pray always and continue to serve God. I know she's humbly sorry for the group because of her incapability to help us, the members, to bring a greater image to the better horizon.

Why are we doing this? Actually, there are requirements to be done and always pursue to our magnetic dreams.
If fate wants to happen for me or for her, it is the will of God to do the task. Everyday, I always wanted to know why this would happen again, in terms of making a deja vu or thinking of her for some reason, but not because why fate does not happen everytime. That's the fate, a thing that this is your time to shine to express your emotions. Fate is always inevitable.

An accident or for a reason? That's the question we raised whether we control our lives to fulfill our fate or this is the time you are guided to receive a fruitful seed of righteousness and honesty. I cannot say it much if this will harden or soften our elastic heart. But there's a lesson in everything: Learn to share your emotions and it is your life not only to control but to care our mind, body, and spirit to perform what God gave you to fulfill for your dreams and your destiny.

Despite some questions are definitely not arrived at the conclusions, I will recommend some things to those who are shy to tell a story to share or for those who are ready to share: 1) Take your time to think what you can say to others; 2) Don't debunk yourself to your feelings or else everything is such but unclear statement; and 3) If fate wants you to do so, make yourself available to comfort you by the people or pray to God for his miraculous event.

P.S. If I want to expose her name in the story, I am doomed. May God bless you (especially her) and those who can read this wonderful story.


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