Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Birthday to The Greatest Girl I've Ever Met

NOTE: Probably Micah G. is my bet to win the USC; and miracles happen, she won. But this person ultimately surprised me only because I want to questioned her about the issues of the University and how they handle it (the actions done). Of course, history changed the presence in her college. So here we go: telling a story that stuck to my memory over and over again. (Just like Inside Out!)

March 2, 2015, the electoral debate. I have no classes after 4:00 PM when I watched this event organized by the Student Commission on Elections. I was also doing a technical paper about Electrostatics (more complicated in reference and sentences) when the COEd slate of both parties spoke in the debate. And later, the USC slate. Now, to get an attention from some of the people who watched the debate, I asked several people about the issues and of course, their answer to my curious mind about the issues mostly within the University premises.

After the debate, I want to speak to Ate Micah directly about her performance; but because of shyness, I cannot talk to her because she's with her family. Instead, I asked one from Sentro. She didn't come to the debate because she have a class. Then I approached her to ask only about the issues inside the university: surcharge, attendance, scholarship, etc. That asking a question turns to talking about each other, because I didn't know she's a friendly person until we walk going to the Rotonda for their prayer meeting.

We're talking about our experiences as a scholar, in which I really hate surcharge, she hates it too. "Malaking pasakit sa magulang", indeed. When I talked about her religion, it's simple to ask but I respect her to avoid another issue. She's Born Again (later she's on DLSU-D Lifters as a Vice President, even before she was a President) but a fan of Catholic person, Bro. Bo Sanchez. I dreamed that she could be a motivator like Bro. Bo, thus she knows that she value all of her doing or faith to God.

When we reached near CTHM Building, I never stop talking to her, this time with personal reasons. I talked about leadership and social skills in which I have a problem on each sides. Thus, i have to keep it confidentially to avoid criticisms. Our time is up where I want to go to ERS (in which in surprise, she was assigned there by SSO - duty). but before she go so was I, she really appreciated my one-on-one talk, so she handshaked me as a token of friendship.

But there is onlyy one thing I'll always remember her, giving her a real definition of unclutching my memories: A FRIENDLY HUG. This was my first outside the corridors of COEd and my volunteering group CPM as well as PAP. At first, it is a PDA for me due to its area of where we stopped; but when she hugged me again, I feel my face "nganga" and blushed. I don't know if I had a crush on her in the first place, but I have a lesson to me: "WHEN YOU APPROACHED A FRIEND ONLY TO ASK A QUESTION, GO WITH THE FLOW TO TALK ABOUT IT".

Everytime I saw her or she saw me, we need to hug each other in a friendly way, except when she's really busy, because it sparkles our confidence not only to each other but also on what motivates you to do your work as a student and as a person. Seriously, it inspires you to create a history or to do an explorer's adventure once and for all. I didn't ridiculed the chance, for a great opportunity to begin again as a matured person and she always appreciate my efforts to express our adventures despite our small gap differences. If I want to be a leader someday, then I want a plan of action and a real strategy to determine my needs to create a new possibilities as well as the demands of each students with a real reason. My only weapon, if necessary,was a friendly hug or "the appreciation of a friend who was rewarded due to the inspirational cause or talk as he/she shared his/her thoughts and a matter of support."

I always remind of her of hugs, especially of her. A friend of Micah G., who also balanced her time in everything, as she goes in several seminars about leadership, she's also a role model to others so she can influence other people due to her low-profile status outside the limelight and she can also also do a friendly hug. Also she's always prioritized her studies, family, and even in motivating people in her religion due to her faith in Christ. I also want to know that I can share your other experiences to me,only in a private matter and because of your friendly hug, I am fully inspired in what I have to do: participating in each activity and of course, believing in God, another weapon to fulfill the prayers and miracles.

I would like to know that this girl who friendly hugged me due to accepting of my talk to her was now my friend. She is God-fearing, an optimistic and a respected person due to her position in the CBAASC. "I want you to know that it's our time, you and me bleed the same light" (Zedd and Selena Gomez, I Want You To Know). I'm your "puppy love" because you enlighten me. And that's my surprise to you, Ate Audry Valerie Vallejo. may you can inspire them and I'll support you for your actions done, even if you're busy or focusing on studies, so was I. May God bless you and Happy Birthday. Stay younger and be the best in yourself. and good luck to your SC.

"Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied." (Jude 1:2 KJV)

More stuff about her and her launch of her career as a leader, visit

Note: All pictures are from Aurdy Vallejo's Facebook page.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

A Haiku About Fathers

A father's real care
No matter what will happens
Always suceeds us

A father's respect

Is too important to us
To know about it

A father's support

Hardships or motivation
Always on the roll

A father's real deed

To us is to earn a real
Sacrifice for us