Saturday, March 28, 2015


What I'm gonna do today? Is it alright to focus only on studies or to achieve something impossible which is made possible from the above? Are you ready to take the challenge, any challenges from top to bottom? Do you think what I'm thinking? What are the trends we have? Are the odds be in favor always? What if I review for the qualifying exams then enjoy the rest of the summer with your relative? Are you took a leap for enhancing your own senses into reality? What are the causes of poverty in our daily lives? Is there any random news in the town? Do you believe in faith God gives you to do all of the things you had not only for your own reasons but for the better place of the reputation and dignity of the university? Do you know every secret I want to handle? Is anyone can inspire from the influential or political or religious leaders without creating a big mistake? Do you like some miscellaneous ideas and things you have now? Are you expressing your feelings inside out? Are you ready to take the responsibility as a student and as a leader? Why do you want to lead? Is this the beginning of a better future? As the next generation of being human for 16-25 years, what is your mission here? DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING? THEN EXPLAIN EACH AND HOW THEY WERE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER?

These are the randoms questions I have by now. And they are inter-related to each other. Solve the puzzle and reflect what life is. There are no prizes, just express what you have.

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