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When I Met Micah: A Short Blog Selection

Ang presidenteng hinding hindi ka iiwanan, dahil kay Micah, May kakampi ka!

Why do I wrote this this in my blog? Because she's effective and she's eventually manage herself when she serve for the students. Not because I want her to win the elections but because I believe in her in my thoughts and in my words, no matter how will costs you.

How this meeting began? Seriously before I want to share how I'd rather go along with this one-on-one meeting, let's look at the flashback. Almost a year ago when I met her during Lasallian Festival 2014 where my friend Ate Noveltie was accompanied by SENTRO friends. My face was familiar to her when we meet again. Ate Micah gave a white flower (tissue) to me, but it was from Ate Noveltie, as a souvenir or a remembrance. After that, we never meet again for a matter of time.

When I heard about the deadline of candidacy, signatures are double lock to approve by the Dean of OSS, so I thought I could see her by surprise. Unfortunately, it didn't work so much. But when the time that SCE published who were the candidates of the whole student council, I'm so surprised that she is the candidate for the race on USC.

I already managed on time on how could I meet her again. Two of my friends at Campus Peer Ministries helped me on this meeting but honestly I always questioned them on how this should be done, from unexpected to planned.

February 6, 2015. The day I want to talk one-on-one about some matters I want to answer from her. Before that, I texted Kuya Adrian on whereabouts before my Physics class starts at 10 AM. Therefore, a message from her says that she invite me to eat and talk. around 12:15 PM, my class finished early so I can find her at JFH Kubo (which she texted me on her location). Unfortunately, I was lost but five minutes later, Ate Micah saw me unexpectedly, The talk for almost two hours began with the first encounter in almost a year and the rest is history.

Before I go serious on the questions, she introduced herself and myself about our life and our past. When I eat at Mila's Diner, I continue my sharing as well as hers to easily recognized our friendship and loyalty. We have the same subject we've favorite for: Social Studies; but different in the field. I like history (seriously, I excelled in that thing) but she like anthropology and sociology. Well, that is fantastic, yet I need to take more time on doing history. But sometimes, I was on the hot seat when she asked my private life.

This column has contains more facts than fiction. Joke :) I want to share about those three questions that she answer. First, about her entry in La Salle Dasma and why Psychology.Second, if I was in my position (as a concerned but confused student), what would she do?. Third, are you born to be a leader? Why?

Here are the answers: For the first part, she was an academic honor student and she wants to study in Ateneo or UP, yet she failed. With God's guidance, she entered DLSU-D and she chose Psychology to determine the behavior of each person she knows when they share to him. The second part, it is so curious. Here's the brief description in entering the service: a Sinag supporter turns to Sentro when someone offers her to run in the student council (that works every time). This is the time I see in her eyes that she's serious in doing some business with the students. Yet, she's wise in choosing the candidate when she thinks first. Finally, the third part have answered: Being a leader influences other people, that's why a leader have a passion in our heart. God is always watching us from above. For short, there is no right or wrong in answering this question. Because of these answers, I believe in her vision and she have a dignity in mandating the students' voices.

Before I end this, I want to say that she's a role model to everyone. A good adviser to the people that penetrates our hearts to do what is best, and a good motivator because she can motivate people's lives to change. She can even managed her pressure and stress through living alone (only if she can think a decision) or be with her family and friends; or to relieve her stress through creating an art in an artistic way (from clay to paint).

Handling this situation convinces me to believe in her, that's why I support her because she's an optimist and always ready to serve the students. If you want help, then call her because she's your ally. That's the essence of loyalty and passion in our hearts. Take it or leave it, I'd rather approve this support.

Honestly, I'm curious on all things; but sometimes when you made up your mind, there's no turning back.

Prinsipyo, Paniningdigan, PUSO

In Micah I Trust Indeed. 


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