Friday, April 7, 2017


"Action speaks louder than words."

That's the time Almers give us a real impact for the millennial people. Whenever they have dirt inside and outside the rooms, they are here to serve and clean the surroundings, without any hesitations. I really never doubt about them: their normal competency and their good and simple attitude. Everywhere, I always saw them watering the soil, cleaning the floors, spending time with other people to get along with them, helping the students in any situations, and humbly making an honest reception to the students with a bit of good deed and honorable reputation. They doing their job as a human because these workers have families to carry and they are always rely on these workers who have determination to work hard and serve hard for the University as well as the manpower agency that they were work for. 

For more than 18 years, despite of some irregularities in the last 4 years, they are now leaving the university. And literally, that's sad to know. Many people reacted about this indigenous and untimely act of bidding farewell. The administrators justified their stand, and they did what is best to bid for the new one, without almost informing everyone. The title that I write represents the people who are highly contribute to the events made by the last 20 years. Examples are the following: they protect and clean the environment that led to the institution's one of the "Greenest University" in the Philippines and the world; they honestly brought back some items to the respective owners that led to the features of SWAFO's Honest Persons around the campus; and they helped the whole community to mandate and successfully create and design the things needed for a great event.

Sadly, it was disappointing because they have things to carry and to build things in the future. And because I felt them whether I talked to them or seeing them around, they are obviously make things possible, thanks to the smiles gave to us, the students. For those who are manpower workers or should I say "Almers", I am really proud of you, especially those who are in Chapel, Library, and LDH-FCH. I appreciate your works and no one can beat Almers in the first place. Thank you and this should be the farewell to them. Try to visit La Salle after Holy Week.

P.S. May God bless you more. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Nanood. Napahanga. Napakagaling.

The Philippine setting of Sherlock Holmes is a definite one kind of mystery with a humorous lines and gestures as well as the virtuous performance from the female version of Sherlock Holmes, who delivers more British way of acting to the way Dr. John Watson is so smooth in speaking his lines and his versatile action. The two are going to solve the problem or case about the mysterious deaths in the North village, leading them into the truth about the real interests of a wealthy businessman and mayor. Whatever the production team creates different lightning angles and one-shot performances of some students in the limelight, even the whole plot is interesting yet so complex, this play deserves to praise creatively and critically.

For creativity, this play has a complete and nice scene and design despite of its small location, with different scenes that soothes the mystery-thriller more conducive to ask "What will happens next?" and its original idea makes me happy and more natural.

For critically, this play has a combination of humor, drama, and mystery that is so extrusive. The performers not only act well but they gave their chance to present their talents. The choice of songs and background itself are more thrilling, going "kilig" too much, and also "matched" expectations in creating the scene more memorable and explainable. The choice of writing is similar and original, making the lines spoken is smooth and rough, nothing more nothing else. The production is quick and prepared well, making the time pace relaxed.

Overall, without the flaws, Sherlock Holmes: Murders in the North goes with a quick setting of mystery-thriller that thrills our seat unthinkable and satisfied. Can't get over to the scene that is so kilig and compete with the real protagonists. Making the quality better, solid performances are stronger than ever. But it reminds me of Gray: The Musical that dominates the strong acting and performance skills of each students.

It is one of the fresh plays in La Salle offered and performed by the DLSU-D Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English 3rd Year students. I hope that there will be a re-runs in the future.

Yes, I would love to see this play ASAP. Make it more adventurous and thrill-seeking. #SherlockHolmes #Mystery

P.S. I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories, even if I didn't watched the modern one (TV).

Saturday, November 26, 2016


"Your trial is temporary, but God’s Love is permanent."
Bo Sanchez

Why do I want to quote this? Because it is inspiring. Because it is interesting. Because it is essential to say optimistic. Because it is an application to our life which doesn't exceed expectations. This is the reason why commitment always have a trial for us. Because God tests us what would be our passion and our expectations to other profession and to other aspects of our life.

Yesterday, I was approached by a lady, who was on the front seat of the jeepney, holding her art materials from the exhibit that she participated, which I was headed home, and was cannot serve her service in the chapel, informing me if I am served everyday in the same vicinity. I said to her that I am not served everyday since I was busy in practice teaching. I also informed her that I am disappointed to the group today since some of the volunteers who want (or need) to serve for the Lord was almost on the peak of challenges encountered today. She was a member of performing arts group, especially involved in a production unit, where she was a novice (or something) and always pressure to her duties as a member of the company. Her commitments are surprisingly burst like a giant volcano standing around the area (what should I mean is it's surprisingly uncertain if any of the people can make a promise to do the task). I really see her in her eyes that she's missing her voluntary service in chapel, in the midst of her disappointment. Also she told me about her parents who were strict, the reason why she was excluded in the activities in the church. That's why I told her about decisions on how she can include to the important activities in a nice way, because it is only done once. During the middle of the road and before she stopped at her destination, she cried a little for I advised her to know if she's ready to decide where she will go forth in finding and choosing the happiness she needs. I wiped out some of her tears from her lower lid of an eye to sympathized her and to show concerns to her.

During our talk, I wondered how I was also related to myself since high school years (which I won't discuss for now). She's wandering if she can fulfill her mission to participate in all chapel-related activities since she's a volunteer and a member of a peer ministry (auxiliary group), just like me. She's probably in jeopardy whether if she can able to balance the time management, just like me. She's probably in the middle of nowhere if she can encounter decision making goals like this, just like me. She's aware if the challenges are full of web-tangling, spinal nerving, fists clenching, eye bulging, mouth shrieking, puzzled riddling expectations to survive the day and fulfill its goals, just like me. When I realized this, I can't determined if this would be my final talk to her. I don't care if she's doing it so much, But I care for her because we need her to fill the tank up in serving the Lord. 

The lady have already prepared to think what was the right decision she can be done at the end of the night. Her trial can be changed into happiness that tests the ability to perform freely and soothes the day or night around. And one day, I can see her serving to God no matter what. That's a permanent thing happiness provides.

Just like the quote stated above, choosing your real passion is a trial in our life, and it's temporary. Making it complicated makes our life full of mistakes, temporary. And choosing the best decision can be temporary because commitment is scarce and worry in our body. Can't decide much, that what I want to point. Decisions are full of temporary situations that can be permanent if any people choose wise and concise (the conscience can provide them) and with God's guidance and love. This is why commitment is the best thing why these things are priceless and only the person who has a problem can identify these passion in order to pursue your desired career and your ambitious landmark of happiness. Only God's love is the peak of our commitment that is permanent to us, whether you're a sinner, a perfect, or a special person. We surrender to God, everything's in position to make a pledge of commitment and he will provided anything. Blessings are yet to come.

Friends, fulfill your happiness and break the anonymity of your career or your passion by enhancing your faith, because in the end permanent things will be a blessing in disguise and something unexpected is necessary if anyone can made a right decision that suites confidence and courage to make a stand for faith. Pray always to God and be blessed.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, June 27, 2016


Nangangailangan ko po ng mga librong babangitin ko:
- Called to Discover Our Christian Roots (SIBS Publishing) 
- Called to Meet Christ in Scripture, Church, and Sacraments (SIBS Publishing)
- Technology and Livelihood Education Third Year (BEC 2004) (Phoenix Publishing House) 
- Exodo ng Sambayanang Pilipino (BEC 2004) (Phoenix Publishing House)

Hihiramin ko lang for educational purposes. Paki-PM o i-comment niyo ko kapag interesado kayo. Salamat po. May God bless you always.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thy Fate Be Done

"I finally met her, again."

Everyday, thousands of people around the world always communicate within each other to share, to talk some matters, to accurately foretold their experiences, and to respect their opinion when we were told to do a task. For the people who are always sociable like that, that's okay, it works all the time. But fate always relies to the present times from what deja vu means to you or someone to achieve on based on the interpretation of your dreams. Why fate does says that anyway, especially to the events happened for today? Is it an accident or is it a proper way God gave me this day to tell this elastic heart?

A while ago, during the PAPalaring Pinoy, eventually after my Qualifying Exams, an inspiring sharing series was done to know their feelings inside out. Whether the qualities have been tell to ease the pain we had or take the risk to settle down the final game.

I spoke twice, one was the majority of the performance as a PAP member; the second is when all pains and struggles as well as happy moments with your friends is real talk. Now, all of the attendees can share their thoughts. Every topic and every issues are resolve to ease the pain or to maintain the relationship between others. It's a recollection thing, you know.

But this is real when she talked already to Sir/Kuya Rex when I tell the story. On my sharing, for the second time, I measurably say my thoughts and words about the one who will say "Hi" or "Hello" to me, myself, and I. This situation smiles my day, honestly. Now, I already slipped my mouth when I say the blind item, especially when I heard a song that was also her favorite, making it a surprise move not only to say my culminating speech in an impromptu way but also to say my infatuated feelings to her, knowing me since I entered PAP (but the real ones was during my CPM service as she was a commentator in the same auxiliary group). Saying this speech frees my shaggy heart to express my feelings and to empathize to those who are stranded in the boat.

For she will graduate this May, I also bless her from God's guidance to her excellent career and her exemplary future. Notice that whoever knows her beauty is because of God's image and likeness, nothing more nothing less.

In response to my speech regarding of what she giggles in a face-to-face talk before she can leave the presence in the building, she advised me to pray always and continue to serve God. I know she's humbly sorry for the group because of her incapability to help us, the members, to bring a greater image to the better horizon.

Why are we doing this? Actually, there are requirements to be done and always pursue to our magnetic dreams.
If fate wants to happen for me or for her, it is the will of God to do the task. Everyday, I always wanted to know why this would happen again, in terms of making a deja vu or thinking of her for some reason, but not because why fate does not happen everytime. That's the fate, a thing that this is your time to shine to express your emotions. Fate is always inevitable.

An accident or for a reason? That's the question we raised whether we control our lives to fulfill our fate or this is the time you are guided to receive a fruitful seed of righteousness and honesty. I cannot say it much if this will harden or soften our elastic heart. But there's a lesson in everything: Learn to share your emotions and it is your life not only to control but to care our mind, body, and spirit to perform what God gave you to fulfill for your dreams and your destiny.

Despite some questions are definitely not arrived at the conclusions, I will recommend some things to those who are shy to tell a story to share or for those who are ready to share: 1) Take your time to think what you can say to others; 2) Don't debunk yourself to your feelings or else everything is such but unclear statement; and 3) If fate wants you to do so, make yourself available to comfort you by the people or pray to God for his miraculous event.

P.S. If I want to expose her name in the story, I am doomed. May God bless you (especially her) and those who can read this wonderful story.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Monday, July 27, 2015

Argumentative Essay: Abortion

This essay was exhibited as one of my assessments of the Academic and Media Literacy. 
The unborn child on the mother’s womb will be the God’s gift for all the matured women. But when the contradiction of parents and partners or conflicts in the society due to labor reasons, abortion was came to its solution. With nothing but a sin for all kinds, it will shut down the woman’s life morally, psychologically, and spiritually. For me, I am against abortion because it terminates the defenseless child and it is a crime that should not be legalized.
Immature women were always getting in trouble, simply because of disuse of their life. It all starts with a pre-marital sex which is common for teens through limitless curiosity. After that, unexpected pregnancy appears and everything is in ruined due to the effects of having a sin outside of marriage. The only answer to continue their lives and to avoid misfortunes from parents (who were disappointed in this result) was ABORTION, which is the way to terminate the child away from the womb (Angelo, 2006). Abortion is like a life cycle that kills the womb due to the effects of being a ruined person.
The abortion in the Philippines was in a whore image. The incidence of abortion increases since 1994 with 400,000 to 500,000 and rising. 70% of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion and the economic reason was the greatest factor to abort the baby off the womb. Doctors who perform abortions clandestinely in clinics typically charge 2,000 to 5,000 pesos, or $37 to $93, according to one report from New York Times (Conde, 2005).
            Killing the fetus on the womb of the mother’s would consider as a mortal sin and a crime. The divine law says that “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life” (CCC 2272). It is revealed on the Bible in the Ten Commandments, the fifth law says that: “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). In the Philippine legal law, it is a crime and not a practice for all Catholics. Article 258 of The Reviser Penal Code in the Philippines states that further imposes a higher prison term on the woman or her parents if the abortion is undertaken "in order to conceal [the woman's] dishonor".
            In order to go safe, the couples have to decide on a safety practice of family planning to accept the responsibility as a family. It also means birth control, but with adequate method in choosing their child for their brighter future. Giving an opportunity to be a responsible parent would be the time to be a matured person and have a tender loving care with our children. Adoption would necessary does it, but it depends on the nature of one’s process. God could bless the family as Psalms 127:3 states: “Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Starting a family is too hard, but it will be your happiest moment in their lives.
            The government and the religious groups should make a stand against abortion through information campaign & educational programs. Pro-life is the main advocacy or objectives of all the activities here in the Philippines not to influence them through opinion but to preserve what life is. The people should learn the promotion of good health and safety measures in family planning which was also important through sexual education and anti-abortion policy.
            Every human being is a person ( This is what God gift for us. No matter how reasonable to considerate as ethics, the common thing to get abstinence was conscience. Continuing our life is the main agent to lean on.Abortion is not the way to continue the woman’s life; it is just a ridiculous thing to commit a sin and to commit a crime that does not think of equality of others.